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Macrame armbånd med labradorite sten

Beautiful Labradorite macrame necklace - with amazing flashes of green and beautiful electric blue and the pretty yellow - unique arrow shape. The dark lines that you see are called cleavage lines , and are an natural integral part of the stone. The flash of color is affected by the angle and lighting in which its held

▸indian labradorite gemstone:
▸waxed thread (durable, waterproof, washable)
▸high quality indian brass beads
▸no glue
▸no allergies
▸sliding knot to regulate the lenght of the strings ↠ fits all sizes

Labradorite Healing Properties - Metaphysical Properties :
Labradorite - Is a stone of magice, a stone used by healers, shamans and the seekers, travelers and explorers of conciousness, knowledge and guiding. Labradorite is a stone wich awakeness your awareness, intuition, inner spirit and psycic abilities. Labradorite also gives protection from negative energies while maintaining the positive and natural vibrations within the aura.
Labradorite is also a power stone; allowing you to see through the actual form of your dreams and goals. Wearing labradorite helps balance the life force ( kundalini ) energy and an inner knowing of the 'right time.'

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